Meet The Target Retail Accelerator Class of 2019

9 May 2019

How do retail’s newest and most innovative players take their businesses to the next level? For many, the journey accelerates at the Bullseye.

Over the past three years, Target has been helping startup companies learn the ropes of retail through our growing portfolio of accelerator programming. That includes U.S.-based Target Takeoff, Target Incubator, the METRO Target Retail Accelerator, Certified by Techstars and the India-based Target Accelerator Program. Together, these programs provide a platform for discovering new ideas and bringing fresh thinking to our work.

Best of all, the programs benefit everyone involved. Working with startups gives Target the opportunity to consider testing outside innovations that might someday help us enhance our assortment and guest experiences. In exchange, the startups get access to many of our resources—including mentorship, expertise and programming to help them ultimately learn how to scale their business to reach mass retail.

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