Our Next Chapter at DEED

9 Aug 2019

In my first six months as Commissioner of DEED, I've had the opportunity to listen and learn from many Minnesotans across the state. There's so much to be optimistic about – we have a diverse economy, a strong business climate, and an extraordinary workforce founded on Minnesota values of hard work and integrity.

Yet no one would say that the growth of the Minnesota's economy is inevitable. We have a severe workforce shortage that threatens our ability to attract and retain strong businesses. Many communities face barriers to employment that restrict our economy from performing at its peak. And the fast-changing nature of our global economy – driven by the opportunities that technology and automation present – require that we look thoughtfully at the future and ask ourselves if we're ready for what's next.

For these reasons, we believe we're at an inflection point in our state's economy. What we do next to encourage economic growth will affect generations to come and define the future of Minnesota. That story will be written by the businesses, entrepreneurs, and workers who power our economy every day. And we believe government has a critical role to play, too.

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