Total Expert brings more jobs to MN FinTech Industry

7 Nov 2019

Around the end of October, it was announced that MN FinTech company, Total Expert, had received $52M in series C funding. This increase brings their total funding to $86M and solidifies Total Expert as one of the 15 fastest growing software companies in the U.S. We chatted with CEO Joe Welu recently about how this increase in funding was going to benefit his company, the state, and ultimately, the entire financial industry they serve.

Total Expert wants to humanize customer journeys at scale. According to Welu, the company creates software that makes it easier for their customers to bring a human element back to the relationships they have with their customers. “Tech has somewhat diluted the human element. We want to bring back the idea of loyalty and having customers for life.” The Total Expert platform allows their customers (mostly within the financial industry) to connect with people more deeply and build trust, which in turn leads to loyalty. Their product integrates data and applications to deliver a cohesive customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

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