Is Tech Talent Ready to Leave San Francisco?

Is Tech Talent Ready to Leave San Francisco? Main Photo

24 Jun 2020

In the wake of astronomical real estate prices and significant restrictions put in place by COVID-19 regulations, many people in the tech industry are asking if they really want to stay in San Francisco and the greater Silicon Valley. For some, the point has been reached where the disadvantages outway the ecosystem advantages that have typically drawn talent to the region. 

Social Distance in the Minnesota Tech Corridor

Sparkling, crystal clear lakes, forested hiking trails and biking paths, boating, fishing and parks to play in - the Minnesota Tech Corridor has it all in spades. Beautiful and accessible outdoor spaces define the area, making it easy to enjoy social distancing or a regular Saturday with the family. With abundant recreational opportunities throughout the region it’s possible to get outdoors and play in between meetings or after a long day at work.

The Housing Market is Affordable Here

Home prices in the Corridor range from the low $200’s to mid $400’s. By comparison, the Bureau of Economic Analysis lists the San Jose–Oakland–Haywood area as the most expensive metro area in the country with a median home price of $1 million. Those relocating from the Bay Area can save thousands of dollars on their mortgage payment every month. This creates a level of financial flexibility that is highly attractive, especially for tech talent interested in joining a startup. 

Broadband Makes it Easy to Work Remotely

COVID-19 has made it necessary to work virtually. The question is - why work virtually where the cost of living is high and the open space is limited? In the Minnesota Tech Corridor, broadband access makes working from home fast and easy.

Tech Talent is Gathering in the Minnesota Tech Corridor

The Minnesota Tech Corridor is adjacent to Minneapolis/Saint Paul - a top tech city in North America, per Cushman & Wakefield’s Tech Cities report. The Twin Cities are also a Top 10 City for Entrepreneurs and Startups, according to, and Forrester Research has named the Twin Cities a top tech talent market. Tech companies and tech talent are gathering here, creating a strong ecosystem of support for tech professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Join Them

We invite you to reach out and to learn more about living and working in the Minnesota Tech Corridor.