What Do You Love About Minnesota?

25 Dec 2020


In about a month I will celebrate my ten year anniversary with the Twin Cities. I moved to Minnesota from it’s southernmost neighbor fresh out of college and hungry for adventure. I immediately fell in love with my surroundings, and after I was able to invite myself past the infamous “Minnesota Ice” habits of the natives, I fell in love with the people here too.  

After ten years I consider myself a true Minnesotan. I’ve tried all of the Juicy Lucys, I’ve snowshoed, I’ve gone ‘up North’ for the weekend, my ‘o’s’ are a little longer, and I’ve gotten lost and found a million times.

When we started the process of reimagining tech.mn in 2019 we kept asking ourselves, “What makes Minnesota special? What makes Minnesota different? What makes Minnesota the place to be?” 

With time we found that the best answers to those questions came from the people living it. We debuted The tech.mn Podcast in September 2019. On the show we interview Minnesotans in the technology and startup community. The greatest takeaway from these conversations isn’t about tech or entrepreneurship, however. 

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