Grow Minnesota!® Program Expands To Help Businesses Recover, Grow In Every Corner Of The State

6 Jul 2021


The Minnesota Chamber announced Wednesday, March 10, new opportunities for businesses to grow and receive economic development and assistance through its Grow Minnesota!® program. For more than 15 years, this program has offered one-on-one assistance to businesses who want to stay and grow throughout the state. 

“Minnesota has a legacy of building and growing businesses here that keep the economy strong and provide a quality of life for our communities,” said Vicki Stute, Vice President of Programs and Business Services at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. “Every business will encounter challenges as they look to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Grow Minnesota!® program and staff works with businesses, helping them make connections, delving into economic data and helping grow their opportunities for long-term success.”

Grow Minnesota!® has offered business assistance for more than 15 years in Minnesota, operating as the premier economic development program. In this new operating model, they are more focused than ever on retaining and growing Minnesota businesses. Working with Grow Minnesota!® means access to economic data and insights as the state moves toward economic recovery and access to Minnesota-based suppliers on any number of products and services that could help your company grow. Visit to connect with the Grow! program or request a visit.

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