The existing infrastructure in Minnesota is one of the best reasons to move your business to this area. The Minnesota Technology Corridor has robust fiber-optic internet that is supported by multiple carriers. Choose whether you want to work with Zayo, Century Link, Arvig, or Comcast to bring internet connectivity to your business. The fast internet speeds and reliability make the region an ideal choice for data centers, technology companies, and software providers.

Along with fast internet speeds, the Minnesota Technology Corridor has electricity with industry-leading reliability and electric costs that remain low, saving your company money. You can also run your business on 100% renewable utility options.

Sites served by Connexus Energy, a member-owned electric cooperative, do not require public utility commission approval. This increases your speed to market and allows you to start doing business in Minnesota faster.

One of the best utilities in Minnesota is free to use and comes pre-installed for all businesses in the region: the climate. Minnesota’s seasonal temperatures provide 300 days of free cooling annually. Keep your data centers running without driving up your electricity costs. The average summer temperature is 67° so even the warm months are cooler than the rest of the country