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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing brought $58.7 billion to Minnesota’s economy in 2022. The state expects more than 75,000 advanced manufacturing job openings through 2030.

Manufacturing is already a key industry in Minneapolis, and it is expected to grow. Companies that move to this area to expand their manufacturing footprint will have a large workforce to pull from. You can hire skilled workers with experience in logistics, industrial production, maintenance, and safety management.

There are several private, public, and government-based training programs to support the regional workforce. Local colleges and universities are tailoring programs to meet the needs of employers. The Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline was designed as an earn-and-learn program to support on-the-job training. 

Your advanced manufacturing workforce is waiting for you.

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Minnesota MedTech 3.0  

In 2023, the Greater MSP region was designated an official technology hub by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Minneapolis/St. Paul was named a leader in next-generation medical device technologies. This designation utilizes multiple target industries, including data science, engineering, software development, and healthcare.

The MedTech 3.0 program, which will be funded in part by the Department of Commerce, will create thousands of jobs in the area. It will support start-ups that challenge the boundaries of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will allow regional medical providers to offer some of the best care and most advanced treatments in the region.

Out of more than 400 applications, Minneapolis was named one of the 30 best cities in the country for technology. Are you ready to join us?