Location Advantages

location map

There are several location advantages of moving to the Minnesota Technology Corridor. Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul is the 16th most populous metro area, placing it one step behind Seattle and just ahead of San Diego. Moving to this area will give you access to a large, highly educated workforce and all of the amenities you expect from a large urban and suburban region.

Here are a few location advantages that are specific to the Minnesota Technology Corridor:

  • The Minnesota Technology Corridor is bisected by I-35, which starts in Duluth and runs through the country, ending in Texas at the border of Mexico. Businesses can easily transport their goods to the rest of the country through this main line. 
  • Minneapolis also connects to I-90, which starts on the east coast in Massachusetts and runs across the country through Montana. 
  • The Minnesota Technology Corridor is two hours from Lake Superior and the Port of Duluth. This gives you easy access to the Great Lakes and international shipping channels. 
  • Companies that move to the region are surrounded by growing businesses and start-ups. There were 69,210 new business applications in the state of Minnesota in 2023 – a 26.3% increase year-over-year.