Twin Cities Realtors Work With the Minnesota Tech Corridor

5 Apr 2021

Commercial realtors in the Twin Cities can utilize the tools on the Minnesota Tech Corridor website to find available sites for growing companies. With information on the region’s assets and opportunities, the Tech Corridor website is a convenient tool for marketing the region, especially to companies coming from outside of the area. For example, with many of California’s tech companies looking to head east - the site is the perfect way to give them information on the opportunities within the Minnesota Tech Corridor.

Twin Cities Realtors: How to Leverage the Minnesota Tech Corridor Website

The site itself has a report maker tool so realtors can select the information they want to share with prospects and turn it into a report that can be emailed or printed. This feature saves time by making it possible to gather all of the area demographic, property and asset information into a report that can be delivered right away. 

Another way for realtors to work with the Tech Corridor is to put their listings on the site. If the listing is within the Corridor’s boundaries it can be listed and promoted here.

Click here to visit the Minnesota Technology Corridor website.