Tech Companies Have Opportunity to Hire Displaced Workers

Tech Companies Have Opportunity to Hire Displaced Workers Main Photo

17 May 2021


Minnosota is a top destination for tech talent (Forrester Research). Over 10,000 STEM students graduate in the region each year and Cushman Wakefield named us a Top Tech City in North America. Tech companies can benefit from the large availability of regional tech talent to fulfil in-demand jobs. 

Displaced Workers Create Opportunities for Tech Companies

Technology companies looking to recruit more talent could consider hiring displaced or dislocated workers who have lost their jobs due to economic shifts resulting from the pandemic. Many of these workers would welcome the opportunity to receive training in the technology sector. Minnesota has a Dislocated Worker Program that supports transitioning workers along with workforce training programs that can be used by individuals and companies within the technology industry. 

Why Displaced Workers?

  • This is an available workforce seeking new opportunities
  • Workforce training programs are available
  • Minnesota is piloting a Tech Training Program for the BIPOC community
  • MSP TechHires is in place to provide training and access to technology training for residents

There is an ecosystem of support in place for technology companies, their workers and displaced workers who want to join the technology sector. This ecosystem includes state, regional and hyperlocal governments and stakeholders - all with a focus on helping workers to accept meaningful employment opportunities. 

Companies looking to hire displaced workers should consider doing so now, while unemployment rates in the region are around 4.3%.

The MN Tech Corridor Has Room for Tech Companies to Expand

Within the Minnesota Technology Corridor, tech companies have room to spread out and grow. Our sites are located near Minneapolis/St. Paul with some only minutes from the MSP Airport. This proximity is ideal for recruiting top talent and for visiting executives and clients. Fortunately, this proximity doesn’t come with the high cost or congestion typically associated with communities near major metropolitan areas. To the contrary, the communities within the MN Tech Corridor are known for natural beauty, open spaces, charming downtowns and affordability. 

Our available sites span over 1,000 acres with individual parcels as large as 250 acres! Large, affordable, conveniently located with access to affordable electricity, these are premier sites for technology companies and data centers. We encourage you to learn more about them and to contact the Minnesota Technology Corridor to take advantage of our unique opportunities.