It’s time to re-skill Minnesota

5 Jul 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic has created a paradox in Minnesota’s economy. While hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans are unemployed, there are thousands of businesses across the state who are struggling to hire. For example, we’ve lost 60,000 jobs in hospitality in the last year, but there are 120,000 job vacancies across the state in other fields like health care and manufacturing.

In other words, this is a unique recession – unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

As the economy grows over the coming months, there is an opportunity for unemployed Minnesotans to consider jobs on new career paths. To maximize the economic recovery we need to support workers in finding careers that require additional skills, have a strong future, and offer better pay.

While pandemic-related concerns about workplace safety or child care needs are real, vaccination and the return to school are changing those dynamics.

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