Access Demographic Data for the Minnesota Technology Corridor

17 Jun 2022


On our website you can access demographic data for the Minnesota Technology Corridor and the region. We’re making it easy for business owners and site selectors to view the data they need to make a decision to expand within the Corridor. 

How to Access Free Demographic Data on the Minnesota Technology Corridor

From the ‘Site Selectors’ page of our website you can access demographic information and tools. 

Area Profile

The Area Profile tool on our website is the easiest way to view and access demographic data on the Minnesota Technology Corridor and Anoka and Washington Counties. The profile page presentes data in an easy-to-view infographic. For those wishing to learn more or to view data in a spreadsheet, simply click the “See the Data” button to open the spreadsheets used to create the infographic. 

The available demographic data covers the following and more:

  • Population size
  • Growth rate
  • Median age
  • Diversity
  • Housing data
  • Income data
  • Workforce data, including industry breakdowns
  • Educational attainment data
  • Commuting information

You can download the demographic and use it for your analysis of site viability. Our team is also available to gather any additional, specific data you require

Download Studies and Reports on the MN Tech Corridor

Several reports have been created on the Corridor, assessing the viability of certain projects, such as data centers. In addition, these reports highlight the financial benefits of starting or growing a business within the MN Tech Corridor. We invite business leaders and site selectors to use these reports in their decision-making process, or for presentations to investors and stakeholders.

Reasons to Invest in the Minnesota Technology Corridor

The Corridor is ripe for growth and investment. The benefits to companies of locating here include access to:

  • Abundant, affordable real estate 
  • Low energy rates (ideal for data centers and tech companies)
  • Tech talent (we’re just outside of the Twin Cities)
  • Tax and financial incentives
  • Free support and assistance from the MN Tech Corridor team and our partners

Plus, in an environment where speed-to-market matters, entitlements can be issued in as little as one and a half months! 

Contact us to find sites in the MN Tech Corridor, for assistance in obtaining incentives and for any data needs that you may have.